Friday, October 21, 2011

stop running start looking.

Hey ya'll.

I went for a run this afternoon and I did a ton of things i usually don't do. This led me to such a breakthrough its unbelievable.

It started out normally, headed up a usual path my the surrounding were as beautiful as ever but ny mead was filled with noise. I am in a huge transitional phase as far as how i want to progress in the health and wellness industry. Lots going on....

I headed down a turn that I have been down hundreds of times before but then I looked at a path that I pass all the time yet never run down, maybe twice the entire time i have been running in the Greenbelt.

A new trail, relatively at least and I see a new path, good.

Like all the trails it blends back into familiar territory but its from a new direction so i'm still seeing things differently. I power up a nice hill and i just start yelling, deep primal yells to force myself to get up this hill. I power up it and start flying down the back end until I hit another intersection. This decision i believe will shape the next 6 months to a year for me it was that important.

Turn left and go back up the rec. center, go right and head towards Moses Mountain, I went straight. I ran straight ahead, then my legs stopped. You see my head was still swarmed with all these thoughts and  I just couldn't find my rhythm so I stopped, I stopped running and I began walking. I turned off my watch i took off my head phones and I walked through beautiful fall foliage.

Heres where I started see where I was going. I walked through the trails, I walked off the trails. I decided that although working for myself, doing what I do and where I want to go is hard, extremely hard but i do love every second of it. I get frustrated when i am not doing more, I want to be busier. I want to help more people. This has led me to to crux of what I do am who I am.

A leader.

To be a personal trainer, or a fitness professional, coach, consultant or whatever you want to call yourself what you are at the heart of it is a leader.

You set the example, people put there faith in you. This is a very powerful position to be in and I take it very seriously.

So as I move fwd. and transform my fitness business into a Wellness program I will become not just a leader for my clients but for this industry.

I am a leader.

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