Thursday, September 29, 2011

Goofy's race and a half challenge and life

  I think from now on im going to start every heading with the goofy. it is slowly becoming the single greatest influence on my life right now. The task is huge, the training is time consuming and the sacrifice is great.

  Have I mentioned why I am even doing this?

 So in doing this I am raising money.......$1,200 bucks below is my donation page You will begin seeing this link a lot until my quota is met.

link below please begin donating.

One buck a mile equals $40.00 from you thats what I am asking.

 Please and thanks.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

settling for less

 A few years ago I decided to stop settling for less. I have since had to make very hard choices, sacrifices have been greater and the risk is higher.

 This is the choice I made and even though it can get frustrating at times I can never go back to where I was.

  We all get one life to live no more no less.

Where have you gone Joe Dimaggio.Super Spartan Goofy challenge

Wow its been a while.

 Today is sept. 27th 2011 I turned 40 years old yesterday that rocks. Why? because the alternative sucks. The number in itself sucks though, its a grown ups age. I feel young I believe I act young but not in an immature way. The kids eat occasionally, I change the baby every so often.

 I ran with some awesome people on saturday competing in the Super Spartan here on Staten Island. 8 miles of muddy trails and physical challenges. I loved every second of it.

 As a guy who makes a living healthier see that the obstacle races are a terrific metaphor for life. With all of these mud races the more you train and prepare the more you get out of it. Fairly simple and straightforward I know but its true.

  As far as my gols for the rest of '11. I am ever evolving my business into Wellness Coaching.

  The Staten Island KettleBell Club will continue but it will be a subsidiary of Corona Wellness.

  Corona Wellness the tri state's premiere health and wellness coach.

  Running wise, I have 2 events left, a 50k trail run here on the island and the Goofy marathon and a half challenge this January.