Monday, May 30, 2011

marathons and mice and mud oh my

  Hello lil' blog. It has been a few days.

  I hear a lot from my clients how hard it is to find time in to work out. I could give them to standard
pep talk about "Its only 30 minutes a day." or "find time for you." drivel..

   My job is about helping my clients achieve there health and fitness goals that includes helping them
look at there lives and finding the right priority.

  Do you want 6% body fat? Then you have to have a super strict lifestyle. All day every day. You must find time to workout, you cannot cheat on your diet. etc..

  Do you work 54 hrs a day, have 17 kids, ten mintes of free time to try and move your body a week. If so then your goals are a little different.

  My own workout schedule has suffered a little lately, why baby Lucia. I havent gotten in 6 workouts a week like I used to i get in 2 to 3(besides working with clients). So what, this is temporary. I know that as she gets a little older I will go back to where I am comfortable.

  In fact now that we are in warmer weather night runs will begin. Everyone in my home will be sleeping and I will grab the dog and go out to run.  Its a great time to run. No sun burn, or heat stroke as long as you wear something reflective you should be okay.

   The point of this post? Relax, enjoy your busy time with your kids. If you achieve a goal congratulations. If you couldn't because you had a to spend time watching your kids play soccer, perform at a dance recital, or help with there homework than congratulations as well you already figured out what was important anyway.

  If you quit because you quit and deep down in the pit of your gut you know you could've done it had you put in the effort well then that's on you.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ain't broke don't fix it.

  So, tonight I gave a little speech about some charity events I am doing and afterwards a little old man starts asking me some additional questions about nutrition.

 It turns out he is in his 80s his diet is tremendous he has no health issues besides having to pee alot but he wanted to know what he could do to improve.

  After some consideration I prescribed that he stop worrying and enjoy his life. From what he described there wasn't much of anything I could do for him.

  Its a good lesson for us all, we all need to slow down relax and enjoy.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

back from TN

 When you drive over 1,700 miles going to see your brother in Tennessee and back you really get to see a lot of beautiful country. The western half of Md. and all of West Virginia was the most beautiful driving I have ever seen.

  There were a lot of eye opening events that happened this past week and as I down load photos I will share. A quick teaser, don't take Bayer aspirin if you are not used to it.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Beautiful Tennis Balls

   Well, after two days, 850ish miles and many, many breaks in between we have made it to sunny no wait cold rainy shitty weathered Tennesse.

   The journey took us through Pennsylvania, Maryland which has stunning scenery, West Virginia, Kentucky and finally we dipped into Clarksville Tn. where Toddy's house is.

   The scenery was absolutely stunning throughout every state was beautiful with the Horse country of Kentucky being one of the many highlights.

  A few lowlights, having to get a smoking room in KY. The smell wasn't that bad but baby Lucia found a cig. butt and was gnawing on it until i took it from her.

  I took some Bayer aspirin somewhere in KY and about 45 minutes later I was pulled over hiding in the woods pukingup said bayer aspirin.

  There is a moron is a carpet steam cleaner truck somewhere here in Tn. that cut me off in such a douchebag way that if I see him again I will shit on his windshield.

  A lot more pics and postst to come wheeeeeeeeeee.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Big and Beautiful

Why do we do what we do

  I find myself to be quite a fan of running. If you know me you know that I do a lot of events throughout the year. Short races, long races, road, trail, adventure races, Mudders etc..... Sometimes I ask myself why do enjoy this so much. I do not have the typical runners physique. I am a naturally big guy 6'3" tall well over 220lbs. not a runners body. If I stood next someone with what someone would think of as the typical marathon physique I would look like a giant.

  This is exactly why I do it. Because its not easy, because I know that I will never win, its not possible for me to ever win. I am to big, to slow. Fleet footed runners will run a marathon in under three hours. The one and only marathon I ran took me over five.

   I am considered a clydesdale, this is a division for men over 200/210lbs. depending on who is running the event. I like this label. The clydesdale is a big powerful creature sure it cant win the Kentucky Derby but thats not what it was meant to do. Its meant to haul sleds in the snow if you believe the Budweiser commercials, and I do. My body is also good at moving large objects but as a human I get to choose what I do.

   I choose to do the hard thing. The thing that is against type. I love being in the woods, running on the trails, and now that I have been doing it for a while I am very good at it. I run far and relatively fast.  Most importantly I love every single second of it.

blast off

  Here we go.

My journey into the blogosphere.

 This blaahg will be about my journey as a daddy,  personal trainer, and last but not least sculptor. the last one is odd. I spent most of my life building things but once I tried to make a living at it I burned out.

  So how did an art student become a fitness professional? One day I will tell you.