Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Why do we do what we do

  I find myself to be quite a fan of running. If you know me you know that I do a lot of events throughout the year. Short races, long races, road, trail, adventure races, Mudders etc..... Sometimes I ask myself why do enjoy this so much. I do not have the typical runners physique. I am a naturally big guy 6'3" tall well over 220lbs. not a runners body. If I stood next someone with what someone would think of as the typical marathon physique I would look like a giant.

  This is exactly why I do it. Because its not easy, because I know that I will never win, its not possible for me to ever win. I am to big, to slow. Fleet footed runners will run a marathon in under three hours. The one and only marathon I ran took me over five.

   I am considered a clydesdale, this is a division for men over 200/210lbs. depending on who is running the event. I like this label. The clydesdale is a big powerful creature sure it cant win the Kentucky Derby but thats not what it was meant to do. Its meant to haul sleds in the snow if you believe the Budweiser commercials, and I do. My body is also good at moving large objects but as a human I get to choose what I do.

   I choose to do the hard thing. The thing that is against type. I love being in the woods, running on the trails, and now that I have been doing it for a while I am very good at it. I run far and relatively fast.  Most importantly I love every single second of it.

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