Thursday, January 31, 2013

Detox yourself into six pac abs!!!!!!!!!

 I have exciting news, I have been working with this great company that has come up with a FANTASTIC detox product.

 You see, they found this amazing herb called Bullshitta, Bullshitta is only found on the southern facing side of the Mt. Fuqu. Every knows that the residents of mt. Fuqu look great and many live to well into their 90s!!!!

 This great company has gone to great lengths to procure all of the Bullshitta it can to create the best detox products on the market.

 These detox pads are placed on the bottom of your feet. The Bullshitta infused pad seeps into your poors attacking the deadly toxins that are infesting every cell of your body. Making you fat, lethargic, drunk, unable to keep an erection but with Bullshitta all of that goes away.

 To see your desired results you must wear the Bullshitta pads all day every day for a minimum of 6 months. This low cost detox miracle comes to only $3.00 a pad. (You must change the pads every 2 hours for maximum results).

 A double blind study funded by the makers of Bullshitta proves that those who wear the bullshitta pads were 100% more likely to wear them. I know, it sounds crazy but its true.

 Friends, I don't promote much but these Bullshitta pads are great for everyone. They will grab excess toxic fat and pull it away through the bottoms of your feet. Giving you that much desired 6 pack. They will suck out the unwanted toxins from your weekend benders. Aches, pains, all of your stress and strains will be eliminated, through the bottom of your feet.

 Bullshitta, give us your money and we will sell you a big box of Bullshitta!!!

 Does any of this sound familiar? Every product out there that promises to lose weight, detox you, cleanse you, etc. is garbage. A  complete waste of money.

 What does detox even mean? Ask someone what is being eliminated and why isn't my Liver doing its job. Here's another truth bomb if your toxic your liver is in distress and nothing over the counter can fix that.

 Say you get a massage and they tell you to drink water the next day because you need to flush out the toxins that were released................ bullshit, no toxins were released. Your muscles were worked, knots were relaxed and you probably sweated more than you think while you were getting massaged so drinking water is a good idea after a massage to make sure you are hydrated.

 I don't want it to seem like I am against massages. I'm not, they are great it's a stock line used by a lot of massage therapists that toxins are released through a massage. Pure drivel.

 Cleanse products.......worthless don't bother. If you don't feel right increase your fiber intake by taking a meatmucil type product of better yet high fiber foods and viola you'll be cleansed.

 Nothing hangs onto your colon for months, weeks, or years. Nothing.

 The trick is there is no trick. Everything we need to eat healthy is already in front of you. Help you lose weight? Right there in plain sight, Detox and cleanse we got stuff for that as well. What are they you ask? Vegetables, All shapes, colors, sizes, tastes, ans textures. Good old vegetables will help you lose weight, provide plenty of fiber to help cleanse you and surprise surprise you can Detox yourself by whatever standard you use the word detox by increasing your vegetable intake.

 Organic or not, that choice I leave up to you.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

doing what you hate so you can you excell at what you love.

 Later today I am going to do one of the things I hate more than just about anything else. I am going to run with the jogging stroller. I can't tell you how much I hate pushing this thing. Its awkward, it pulls to one side, I hate it. BUTTTT this is the only way I can get in the runs I need to run faster on race day.

 I am bored with being a mid pack hack and i have been structuring my diet and exercise routine since around Christmas and I have been slimming down and toning up, the result is longer, stronger, and hopefully faster runs.

 I hate pushing the jogging stroller but i do it anyway.