Wednesday, July 20, 2011

spartan training

This week of training found me deep in the greenbelt for an attempted 25k but bailed at ten miles. Next big trail run I will finish the 25k. I am also focusing my weak area, pullups. i did a concentrated set of strictly upper body yesterday. Today i completed a routine that some of my clients are doing. i used a 25k bell for the clean and press and the russian twist.  

Tomorrow back on the trails for about 6 miles at tempo for an upcoming half marathon.

Monday, July 11, 2011


Since I am down today with a little head cold I feel like talking about recovery.

 Post workout nutrition. This video by Spartan sensation Hobie Call does a nice job detailing the importance of post workout refueling

 Also,  since I am ramping up my mileage for the Goofy, half marys, and a 50k trail run I have
begun using compression sleeves on my calves after big run days. This weekend I did  back to back
runs and my calves were burning. Sliding these bad boys on really makes a difference. The soreness is reduced drastically and the tightness in my left achilles is basically nil.

  Remember everyone, rest and recovery is just as important as putting in the work.

Spartan training/ rest days

 Yesterday myself and some of my teammates for the 9/24 spartan went running in the greenbelt to log some miles and get them used to running, stopping, doing some upper body work and get back to it.

 It was a terrific day. I love introducing the Greenbelt to people and its especially great that my wife Danielle is doing the Spartan with me.

 But my head is congested, swollen, i'm a little achy all due to a cold my kid gave me
so today is all about rest and recovery. Forced rest is annoying but necessary.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

goofy training 2012

 I have been training for the Goofy marathon and a half for about a month. I'm already registered for the 2012 goofy and I want to cruise through it so I'm giving myself 6 months of really structured training.

 maybe if I type Goofy training 2012 enough I will get some fellow adventurers to look at my little piece of the internet.

 today 4.25 hilly miles way hillier than anything at WDW.
tmw. 9 miles on the trails, sunday is my LSD day I also am
doubling whatever I do on sat.