Sunday, February 17, 2013

Turning 'em off and tuning in.

 Soooo yesterday was the Cold Feet 10k trail race. I would like to recap my experience of said race for you right here, right now.

 I wasn't even sure If i was going to be able to run the race. 1, I hadn't been running much lately for numerous reasons and secondly I was almost going to be out of town for an important matter but luckily I didn't have to be so it turns out I got to race.

 Felt good when I woke up yesterday, ate, drove to the race, got bib, shirt, said hello easy peasy.

 I did like 1 minute of warm up but I had been preparing all week for the race, leg work, core work, flexibility work through my Ki-Hara training, running, of course, so I knew I was ready.

 Boom the starter pistol goes off.........away we go the fleas and water bugs are immediately way in front as we pass around a bend before hitting the trails. The trails really tighten up in the beginning so I waited before I started to pass anyone. I also knew that the trail was a slight incline here so I powered up but didn't go to crazy. Once I knew we leveled out i picked it up a bit and when we hit the first hill I really started to loosen the legs and move. My plan was simple run fast where the trail was good, run smart through the mud and power up the hills depending on how muddy they were.

 I must say this worked really well. I slowed down at a few really sloppy spots knowing that I would pick it backup onve it cleared up and I did. Climbing to the top of the step hill I felt great i knew a nice downhill was coming but i also felt a pressure. I had to pee. There was a couple of guys ahed of me but no one directly behind me at this time so as i ran i whipped it out and pee'd, all over my legs. I didn't care a bit I was running strong and had no intention of stopping. Pass the aid station and up the hill behind the Nature Center slowly picking up speed and picking off runners.

 Down the long red trail hill Ii was beating back challenger after challenger. The pounding of their feet was a drum beat. A drum beat that i usually let pass me by but those days are over. I kept pushing harder, through the muck, over the fallen trees, onto the relatively flat path all the way back to the last hill. A short but steep incline that leads to back to the finish. My plan was to save mu strength up this hill but the hell hounds were still at my feet so i powered up it like a diesel locomotive unstoppable and I knew that once I made a turn it was down hill or flat all the way home. With each turn I picked it up even more, passing one more runner as i looked for daylight out of the trails. The breath of Hades still on my neck but it was loud and unsteady. This whole time my breathing was strong, consistent, my legs were springy and responsive I began to get that detached feeling I get where my legs don't even touch the ground like Mercury I flew through the course.

 Out of the woods and just a little bit left i hear my shadow trying to pass but there's no way I am letting that happen now. I led the entire way and i am finishing in the ahead of him. I pass a gorilla on the path and KICK. I am pulling away! No, I pulled away now It was about finishing as strong as possible. Hearing the cheers form my fellow runners I rounded the last corner looked at the clock said "FUCK" to myself because i misse my goal  by 2 minutes and collapsed onto Steve Zimmerman's shoulders as he pulled my tab off of my bib.

 I ran as hard as I could the entire time. I never quit, and i didn't listen to the voices that used to tell me to quit. In fact those voices weren't really there. I had beaten them back by being prepared for this race. Sure, recently I hadn't been running much but over the past two months I had. I stayed consistent through the holidays, kept my diet tight, and it paid off.

 I still finished mid pack as always but I placed 2nd in the Clydesdale division for male runners 220lbs. and over. My first time ever placing for a running event so I feel like I broke the ice.

 I did this all with no watch, no music, didn't carry anything with me as far as water or gels. The entire race I was listening to my body. I was in tune to my breathing, how my legs were feeling, Are my shoulders shrugging,  I would periodically check my arm swing. All in all it was a race in which I ran as hard as i could the entire time as long as it was smart to do so.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My own High Rock Challenge

 One of the biggest running events on Staten Island is the High Rock Challenge. It's an 8 mile trail run with mental and physical challenges scattered throughout. The race is a two person team and some of the challenges require cooperation so your partner is a key component.

 My High Rock partner for the past 4 runs has retired so I put out the call for a new partner and from City of Brotherly Love my call was answered.  There she is waiving, waiving at all of you fools as we pass you by. My game has to be at 100% because Jamie is fast. I, am not as fast but I have the experience of the High Rock, knowledge of the trails, and luckily for me the longer the race goes the better I perform.

 This brings me to my own challenge. I began right after Christmas as far as upping my workouts and restricting my diet.As of two days ago, monday feb. 11th I have decided to up it even further. Workouts and or runs will occur 7 days a week, unless I feel the need to pull back a day and rest the I will be a 6 day a week guy.
Here is my schedule at optimum availability.

Monday: teaching and participating in 1 hour H.I.I.T. class

Tuesday: Hill repeats while pushing the stroller during the day
                teaching and participating in 1 hour class core conditioning

Wednesday: night time trail run 6 miles approx.

Thursday: Teaching and participating in afternoon and evening classes
                  tempo trail runs approx 5 miles

Friday: Possible trail run or rest day depending on how body feels

Saturday: Longer group trail run Saturday morning with added outdoor bootcamp style training for High Rock.

Sunday: Long road run but also I am leading 1 hour hikes through the Greenbelt.

As far as nutriton goes I am going to reduce calories a bit to force my body to burn more fat for fuel and in doing so I am continuing to increase veggies, protein, and continue with fresh fruits. The carb intake besides veggies will be modified depending on how my body responds. That link is here.

 To keep myself honest I am gong to record my progress daily on my facebook page.