Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My own High Rock Challenge

 One of the biggest running events on Staten Island is the High Rock Challenge. It's an 8 mile trail run with mental and physical challenges scattered throughout. The race is a two person team and some of the challenges require cooperation so your partner is a key component.

 My High Rock partner for the past 4 runs has retired so I put out the call for a new partner and from City of Brotherly Love my call was answered.  There she is waiving, waiving at all of you fools as we pass you by. My game has to be at 100% because Jamie is fast. I, am not as fast but I have the experience of the High Rock, knowledge of the trails, and luckily for me the longer the race goes the better I perform.

 This brings me to my own challenge. I began right after Christmas as far as upping my workouts and restricting my diet.As of two days ago, monday feb. 11th I have decided to up it even further. Workouts and or runs will occur 7 days a week, unless I feel the need to pull back a day and rest the I will be a 6 day a week guy.
Here is my schedule at optimum availability.

Monday: teaching and participating in 1 hour H.I.I.T. class

Tuesday: Hill repeats while pushing the stroller during the day
                teaching and participating in 1 hour class core conditioning

Wednesday: night time trail run 6 miles approx.

Thursday: Teaching and participating in afternoon and evening classes
                  tempo trail runs approx 5 miles

Friday: Possible trail run or rest day depending on how body feels

Saturday: Longer group trail run Saturday morning with added outdoor bootcamp style training for High Rock.

Sunday: Long road run but also I am leading 1 hour hikes through the Greenbelt.

As far as nutriton goes I am going to reduce calories a bit to force my body to burn more fat for fuel and in doing so I am continuing to increase veggies, protein, and continue with fresh fruits. The carb intake besides veggies will be modified depending on how my body responds. That link is here.

 To keep myself honest I am gong to record my progress daily on my facebook page.

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