Sunday, December 15, 2013

SIAC party 2013 review

It was an Awesome night.

In fact the whole day was pretty swell. It started off with a beautiful, snowy trail run featuring a few dogs getting in on the action.

We headed into Manhattan for a the district 2 christmas party where Thira had to pay the piper if you will by sitting on Santa's lap after getting herself on the naughty list this week.

On our way into and back from Manhattan we were surrounded by Santa Con revelers. It would be easy to attack them as drunk idiots causing a ruckus but all I saw was guys and gals dressing up and singing christmas carols so no ragging on them from me until I am subject to the puking Santa and his elves that inevitably happens.

The snow continued to fall all day in a very picturesque fashion. I felt like the ghost of Bing Crosby was next to me singing christmas carols like only he can. Unfortunately, that same specter would probably be beating his ghost wife and kids but what can you do, nothings perfect.

The siac holiday get together was a lot of fun. Let me elaborate.

The ladies looked amazing, especially my beautiful wife Danielle. I believe Hubba Hubba is the appropriate phrase to describe how she looked.

 There was so much good will, everyone mingling, reflecting on the year. I would usually add some snarky comment in here but that would be a lie. It was a fantastic night.
More examples of the fun

Tommy Hart's amazing, Technicolor, dream suit...awesome.

The passing around of the jacket...awesome

The Bayiokos sisters...awesome

The Ferretti, Lenza, and Cross families being there with kids in tow..awesome

Carlos and his cousins dancing...awesome.

The Richmond Rockets... awesome.

Danielle's impression of Stephanie and Yessica...super awesome!

This year's DJ...awesome.

All the award winners...awesome.

Seeing new siac blood at the party, and having a good time... awesome.

The video...awesome.

Scotty dancing...awesome.

The big circle love fest to end the night..way awesome.

My table was awesome.

Nothing crazy, or ridiculous happened just friends letting loose and having a great time.

My philosophy when you go to these types of events. Get off your chair, mingle about, laugh, dance a little even if you suck at dancing, everyone there sucked who cares were a running club not a ballroom dancing club, get out there, shuffle around and clap your hands. It's fun, you'll laugh, smile and great bigger bonds with your friends.

Thats it.
I probably missed most people, if I did it wasn't on purpose you just weren't exciting enough to report about. I kid.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

50K recap Lots of accolades and thank yous

 Right now I am sitting, no laying on the couch. My feet are taking turns cramping up, my legs are worthless at the moment.

 My first confession. In reality I trained for a 25K but ran the 50K.

 The first lap we stuck to the plan 15 minute miles. Talking, laughing taking turns leading our little group. By the time we got to the end of the first loop I knew the second loop was going to hurt. I stopped to change my socks and shirt. It felt fantastic switching those things out, plus I gave Corey and Bob a show at a real mans chest. I hope you boys took a picture.

 The second loop was a test of wills. A fight between the voice in my head telling me to quit and my desire to finish my first 50k. I could have cut a bunch of corners but then it would be a hollow finish.

 One the first loop every aid station was fun. We'd snack, crack jokes with the staff, eat some delicious orange slices etc.. Those same aid stations became cruel on the second loop. I wasn't really hungry or thirsty but I still stopped, I had to my legs literally stopped. restarting into what would best be described as a waddle/jog after stopping or walking got harder as the miles increased.

 The section of the blue trail that is on the slant above St. Andrews Church isn't fun in perfect circumstances and hitting it on the second loop of the 50K was a horrible experience.

 I usually hate the multi use trail hill but the second go round on that wasn't that bad. Even though it's an incline its a smooth gravel path and the break from the twists and turns was well received.

 It's a mental game, that's what I kept telling myself as I was headed to the Nature Center. My legs were stiffing up to such a degree that I couldn't stretch out my legs to take bigger steps even if i wanted to. A few miles from finishing, yet it seemed like the Grand Canyon was in front of me.

 I press on.

Sad that we didn't climb up Moses Mt. but its not going anywhere so we will climb it at a later date i'm sure. Crossing Manor rd. and knowing that it's the last street crossing of the race was a great feeling. The last section of the race was full of winding, hilly trails. Again, fun on the first loop but overwhelming on the second. I was running with a nice fellow named Louis from Brooklyn. It was his first Ultra distance as well so we slugged out the rest of the race together. We finally made it back to Camp Kaufman but that's not the end. The course takes a winding path back to the finish with a final trip up these torturous steps up the side of the hill. In a weird way I was glad to hit these steps for the third time because I knew the end was near. I went as fast as i could, which was pathetic but I crossed the finish line with my held held high, actually it was flopping from side to side. I could barely hold it up.

 It was a great surprise to see Danielle and the girls there. i am glad I told my girlfriend not to come. that would have been awkward. I finished no where near what I had hoped to do and I told myself that this ultra stuff isn't for me, one and done. A few hours later and I am already planning on how I can train properly for another 50k. From the waist up I felt great the entire time, so the cross training paid off. I just need to dedicate myself to the long miles.

 At this time I'd like to thank Matt and George from King of the Mountain, They put on this race and they did an amazing job. I found the course well marked, and extremely challenging. Well done.

 Dorothy Reilly and the entire Greenbelt Conservancy staff/volunteers did their usual stellar job, As did NYC Parks.

 My friend Jamie ran strong but had to leave early, she will be back and I bet will place somewhere.

 Bob, Corey and I formed a group called the Rainbow Connection. It's as ridiculous as it sounds. The finished about 20 minutes ahead of me. Nice work boys,but upstage your captain again and I'll slice your achilles.

 Andy Cross made this course his bitch. He is a true gentleman and an exceptional runner kudos Andy.

 So many of us from SIAC ran one of the races offered today. A great showing of sportsmanship, and friendship.

 Our big boss Mark flew in from Hollywood to run the 25K, he destroyed it.

 I believe that the biggest winners in the 25K was the SIAC woman. Running hard and being led by Kerry McCole the ladies did great. Stephanie, Yessica, Amy, Kristen and if their are others I apologize but let's not forget our friend Sharon. A new runner to our group but wow what a champ. Running her first 25k and doing it with style.

 To everyone who came to my Saturday morning runs I want to sincerely thank you. we all went through these trails mile after mile and formed great, long lasting friendships. That to me was the highlight during this entire endeavor. Meeting every Saturday morning when it would be easier to sleep in and putting in the miles.

 I know I didn't name everyone, there was a lot of us out there. Rest assured you will all be recognized at the next SIAC meeting.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

50K all day...25K part of the day!

I figured that since I know a thing or two about a thing or two. I'd put out some suggestions for my friends that are going to compete in the upcoming Staten Island Trail Festival.

 Firstly Hydration. It's never to soon to make sure that you are properly hydrated. This means water. How much depends on who you are. The simplest way to tell if your in ggod shape is looking at your peeper. If it's a light yellow your mellow. Anything to dark is no good. If its clear you can back off a bit.

Today is Tuesday you say, I don't need to worry about that until Thursday. You're an idiot I say. Proper hydration is important always to keep your metabolism firing at a maximum level and helping with digestion. Also a hydrated muscle is a happy muscle. Water is used in between the muscle fibers as a lubricant. Much like oil is used in a car engine, no oil and you get metal grinding together. This is obviously a bad thing. If you are going to run 25 or 50k you want those muscles in your feet,legs, butt, back, shoulders, arms, and abs lubed up and running smoothly.

 Carbo loading, The Friday night pasta binge is more of a ritual that a benefit. CArbo loading should begin a few days out from the event. Dense complex carbs such as steel cut oats, every vegetable there is, quinoa. Plain pasta, white bread the old bad guys are pretty weak as far as fuel goes. Simple carbs, simple sugars not a lot of nutritional benefits.

 Don't forget protein, quality protein helps your muscles repair and grow.

 Fat, if your an active person you need fat.Good fat obviously. Fat protects our organs,lubricates joints, cells, acts as fuel. Fat its necessary.

Today, (Tuesday) I hit the trails for a little shake out. probably 4 miles, very relaxed pace my calves are still sore from the weekend so I kept it very casual.

 This week is about staying loose, keeping active. Wherever your at fitness wise isn't going to change in 3 days.

You can't do a crash course in getting fit. It's a long term process.