Sunday, December 15, 2013

SIAC party 2013 review

It was an Awesome night.

In fact the whole day was pretty swell. It started off with a beautiful, snowy trail run featuring a few dogs getting in on the action.

We headed into Manhattan for a the district 2 christmas party where Thira had to pay the piper if you will by sitting on Santa's lap after getting herself on the naughty list this week.

On our way into and back from Manhattan we were surrounded by Santa Con revelers. It would be easy to attack them as drunk idiots causing a ruckus but all I saw was guys and gals dressing up and singing christmas carols so no ragging on them from me until I am subject to the puking Santa and his elves that inevitably happens.

The snow continued to fall all day in a very picturesque fashion. I felt like the ghost of Bing Crosby was next to me singing christmas carols like only he can. Unfortunately, that same specter would probably be beating his ghost wife and kids but what can you do, nothings perfect.

The siac holiday get together was a lot of fun. Let me elaborate.

The ladies looked amazing, especially my beautiful wife Danielle. I believe Hubba Hubba is the appropriate phrase to describe how she looked.

 There was so much good will, everyone mingling, reflecting on the year. I would usually add some snarky comment in here but that would be a lie. It was a fantastic night.
More examples of the fun

Tommy Hart's amazing, Technicolor, dream suit...awesome.

The passing around of the jacket...awesome

The Bayiokos sisters...awesome

The Ferretti, Lenza, and Cross families being there with kids in tow..awesome

Carlos and his cousins dancing...awesome.

The Richmond Rockets... awesome.

Danielle's impression of Stephanie and Yessica...super awesome!

This year's DJ...awesome.

All the award winners...awesome.

Seeing new siac blood at the party, and having a good time... awesome.

The video...awesome.

Scotty dancing...awesome.

The big circle love fest to end the night..way awesome.

My table was awesome.

Nothing crazy, or ridiculous happened just friends letting loose and having a great time.

My philosophy when you go to these types of events. Get off your chair, mingle about, laugh, dance a little even if you suck at dancing, everyone there sucked who cares were a running club not a ballroom dancing club, get out there, shuffle around and clap your hands. It's fun, you'll laugh, smile and great bigger bonds with your friends.

Thats it.
I probably missed most people, if I did it wasn't on purpose you just weren't exciting enough to report about. I kid.

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