Monday, May 30, 2011

marathons and mice and mud oh my

  Hello lil' blog. It has been a few days.

  I hear a lot from my clients how hard it is to find time in to work out. I could give them to standard
pep talk about "Its only 30 minutes a day." or "find time for you." drivel..

   My job is about helping my clients achieve there health and fitness goals that includes helping them
look at there lives and finding the right priority.

  Do you want 6% body fat? Then you have to have a super strict lifestyle. All day every day. You must find time to workout, you cannot cheat on your diet. etc..

  Do you work 54 hrs a day, have 17 kids, ten mintes of free time to try and move your body a week. If so then your goals are a little different.

  My own workout schedule has suffered a little lately, why baby Lucia. I havent gotten in 6 workouts a week like I used to i get in 2 to 3(besides working with clients). So what, this is temporary. I know that as she gets a little older I will go back to where I am comfortable.

  In fact now that we are in warmer weather night runs will begin. Everyone in my home will be sleeping and I will grab the dog and go out to run.  Its a great time to run. No sun burn, or heat stroke as long as you wear something reflective you should be okay.

   The point of this post? Relax, enjoy your busy time with your kids. If you achieve a goal congratulations. If you couldn't because you had a to spend time watching your kids play soccer, perform at a dance recital, or help with there homework than congratulations as well you already figured out what was important anyway.

  If you quit because you quit and deep down in the pit of your gut you know you could've done it had you put in the effort well then that's on you.

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