Wednesday, June 1, 2011

National Run Day 2011

  Wellity wellity, today is get out and run somewhere day.

 I love to run. That is I love to run when i'm running where and when I wan't to run.
That's a weird statement but there are sections of road around me that I absolutely hate being on. I have no idea why, buy if I have to hit those stretches my mood sinks, the road seems to stretch forever and me legs turn to concrete. This has nothing to do with the road being difficult one particular stretch is dead flat but I hate being there. I live in a somewhat hilly area but I like huffing up those hills. Who knows, whatever.

  I have figured out a solution, I don't run there. I run where I enjoy the scenery, and I feel like I am rocking and rolling. Tonight in between clients I am going to get a little run in myself. How much, how fast, how far? I'm not sue yet, don't really care I just wanna zip along for a little while. You should to.

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