Wednesday, June 29, 2011

pull ups

I'm not good at them. i always avoided them because I just stunk at them. Not anymore, I bought one of those over the door pullup barsands i am following the rule that every time i go into the kitchen i do one.

Once I build up some lat. strength I will start a routine to really build up my back. This was a glaring weakness when i ran the Mudder and i want no such problem for the Spartan.


  1. I have the same concern for the spartan race. I saw those walls you have to climb. Can we start to work on this in our sessions?

  2. What I want to do is have all the S.I. dinlge bells get together sunday mornings to do group workouts. We will all workout together as a team doing simulations. There is no charge for this. I will be working out as well.

    I want to do this late sunday mornings we can al stagger our workouts so all the kids can come. The location will change