Monday, May 16, 2011

Beautiful Tennis Balls

   Well, after two days, 850ish miles and many, many breaks in between we have made it to sunny no wait cold rainy shitty weathered Tennesse.

   The journey took us through Pennsylvania, Maryland which has stunning scenery, West Virginia, Kentucky and finally we dipped into Clarksville Tn. where Toddy's house is.

   The scenery was absolutely stunning throughout every state was beautiful with the Horse country of Kentucky being one of the many highlights.

  A few lowlights, having to get a smoking room in KY. The smell wasn't that bad but baby Lucia found a cig. butt and was gnawing on it until i took it from her.

  I took some Bayer aspirin somewhere in KY and about 45 minutes later I was pulled over hiding in the woods pukingup said bayer aspirin.

  There is a moron is a carpet steam cleaner truck somewhere here in Tn. that cut me off in such a douchebag way that if I see him again I will shit on his windshield.

  A lot more pics and postst to come wheeeeeeeeeee.

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