Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Where have you gone Joe Dimaggio.Super Spartan Goofy challenge

Wow its been a while.

 Today is sept. 27th 2011 I turned 40 years old yesterday that rocks. Why? because the alternative sucks. The number in itself sucks though, its a grown ups age. I feel young I believe I act young but not in an immature way. The kids eat occasionally, I change the baby every so often.

 I ran with some awesome people on saturday competing in the Super Spartan here on Staten Island. 8 miles of muddy trails and physical challenges. I loved every second of it.

 As a guy who makes a living healthier see that the obstacle races are a terrific metaphor for life. With all of these mud races the more you train and prepare the more you get out of it. Fairly simple and straightforward I know but its true.

  As far as my gols for the rest of '11. I am ever evolving my business into Wellness Coaching.

  The Staten Island KettleBell Club will continue but it will be a subsidiary of Corona Wellness.

  Corona Wellness the tri state's premiere health and wellness coach.

  Running wise, I have 2 events left, a 50k trail run here on the island and the Goofy marathon and a half challenge this January.


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  1. Darren, this is so ironic. When I turned 40 four years ago, I specifically joined SIAC to help with any mid-life crisis I might have. It was a great decision because I lost over 25 pounds, my cholesterol went down 25 points and I have a ton of new health-conscious and advenuture-loving friends I met through the Club. This kinda helped me put any mid-life crisis on hold.