Thursday, October 6, 2011

BROOKS PURE CONNECT, MY REVIEW...... first real run

  Okay were back. I took baby Lucia strapped her into the jogging stroller (which I still don't love, it's more of a necessary evil) and made my way to the bike path along Forest Hill rd.

  I parked at the Costco and headed up the path. First thing I noticed is that I no longer felt the arch within the shoe. I also noticed that I was landing completely mid foot which is where I like to land but if I didn't flick my feet up as if i was in VFF my calves would start screaming. I take this as a positive because I immediately self corrected my form and posture.

  One trip up and down the path is 3.5 miles. The first half is primarily uphill and then of course the return is a nice run back down. The path has some light turns and since its crushed gravel its a nice mix of terrian, elevation, scenery it will be part of the 50k in dec.  I believe so I want to be very familiar with it.

  So right away I liked the feel of the shoe. It is light, responsive, and generally disappeared while I ran. By that I mean that I never had to think about the shoe, it fit extremely well my feet felt great during the entire run. I did keep looking at them just because they were new and in doing so I noticed that since my feet are pretty wide and the toe box is a tad narrow for my foot I could see my foot blowing out a side but i don't blame the shoe for that I gots wide feet. The narrow toe box didn't cause any discomfort and I don't think it will. I think my feet will just mash out the sides like they do with most shoes.

  Overall I'm glad I bought them. They are exactly what I wanted and expected. One thing I am curious about is the size of the runner these shoes were designed for. As a runner whose at least 50 to 75lbs. bigger that what a prototypical runner looks like I know I'm not generally in the mind of the shoe designer. This is my cross to bear I suppose.

  The question now is do I try the Pure Grit for the 50k or stick to my tried and true Cascadias.



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