Saturday, October 1, 2011


 I just ordered a pair of the new Brooks Pure Connect and I am stoked.
Brooks Pure Connect Brooks Pure Connect Review

 I went to a local sporting good store and tried on the three road shoes. I will try to Grit whrn its time to replace my Cascadia, it will be hard to stop wearing that style they have been so reliable but we will see.

  Anywho back to the topic at hand I slipped on the Connect and was surprised by the snugness around the arch for me. I immediately thought this doesn't feel so minimal, jogged around a bit then put on the Cadence. Initially i thought this feel a bit better than the Connect but after jogging around a bit It didn't pop as much as the Connect did.

  Then comes the Flow, initially I felt that these would be for me. The Flow is the middle ground between the Connect and the Cadence. I liked the Flow the least out of the three it felt a bit cloppy and the little bumps around the outside front made it awkward to land upon. The Flow was out.

  I put the Connect back on and it seemed to blend in very well with my foot the second time. i really liked it my only concern was/is that my foot is wide and I am bursting out of the sides of my Green Silence but there seems to be more to the side of the Connect than the Silence so we shall see.

  One more time with both the Cadence and the Connect and I was sure that the Connect was for me.
Since I had an Amazon gift card I came home and bought the Connect. When it gets here I will retire the Green Silence which I truly loved except for my pinkie toe pushing through the sides.

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