Thursday, October 13, 2011

sowing the seeds

Well today started off fine, got annoying, a tad depressing then uplifting. Funny how that happens.

 I went to a seminar last night about SEO search engine optimization. Basically how do I get my website to pop up one the top google searches.

  It was very informative and energizing BUT he laid out so much info that I have no idea where to begin.

  Actually i do, the website, its stale the look is to dark the content is eh I need a complete overhall and I need it to be relevant. Right now its nothing, sadly thats the truth, but owning up to the truth is when you begin making positive changes.

I was annoyed with my online presence that I took Lucia out on the deck to enjoy this overcast but gorgeous day. Lo and behold what do I see my fig tree is flush with absolutely delicious figs. Finally after three years I have a fig tree that is bearing fruit. A small, simple, victory.

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