Sunday, December 2, 2012

Stone soup, stone free, stone bruise

 Interesting thing happened to me as I was running the final mile and a half of a training run for Saturdays 25k race. I was headed down a large descent that is part of the white trail. I have been on this section of trail many times over and I know that is becomes very rocky so i was diligently watching my foot placement so I don't twist an ankle one week out from race day.

 Well, I can honestly say that I absolutely did not twist my ankle during yesterdays run BUT as i so expertly planted my left foot as to not twist it i missed the pointy rock that was camouflaged  by the leaves. This rock, nay this horn of Lucifer itself met up and oh so gently kissed my left heel with the tenderness of a sonic boom.

 I hoped upon hope that I could run through it but it was very apparent that I should stop running. Listening to my body I walked back to the truck and headed home. I staying off of my bum hoof as much as possible but besides that theres not much else i can do. Switching back and forth btw. icing and heating is said to help some but apparently a Stone Bruise just has to heal itself.

 My plan is to run on Saturday if I can't I can't.

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