Friday, November 30, 2012

Sliding into home

 Well 2012 is winding up nicely and it was a year of mixed results running wise. I accomplished some nice goals but some other ones eluded me. This has led me to think about 2013 and what i want to accomplish in this upcoming year.

 First and foremost i am going o shrink back down a bit. I've have comfortably stayed in the Clydesdale division for literally my entire running history and the reality is that i will always be in the Clydesdale division but instead of being well into it I am going to strive to be on the fringe of it weight wise. This means I am looking to drop about 15lbs. next year primarily fat but also reshaping my muscle definition. I will still be over 200lbs. but i'd like to hang out around 220 instead of 235 which is where I have been all year.

 That's the main goal and as that gets accomplished my other goals of increasing my 5k, 10k and half marathon times should follow nicely.

 So to sum up

Immediate/ short term: goal refocus nutrition and begin to shed lbs. 15lbs. is the goal around 220lb.

medium range goal: increase times in the 5k, 10k, and especially half marathon time.

long term goal for 2013 anyway id the WDW Wine and Dine half Marathon. I want a time of 1hr 50 minutes. This is primary focus for 2013.

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