Friday, November 16, 2012

bearings, blocks, rods and shafts equals??????

 Coming from the magical elves who live in the village of  McMaster Carr is a series of bearing, pillow block, and flange, shafts, collars etc... all for what you ask.


 I threw out a ton of shit in the cellar last week, pulled the clay out from the dusty corner and designed a kickwheel to throw ceramics which I  am in the process of building. I've always felt a connection to clay the process in which it's and it's possibilities when it's finished. Most clay work shows the human touch when it's finished. A simple thrown pot has that long slow spiral from top to bottom that is from the human hand. A hand built product will inevitably have a fingerprint somewhere probably more by chance than on purpose but it's there. The way it can crack if it dries to fast, the rough hewn finish that can be enhanced from wood fire kiln or a pristine porcelain finish.

Endless possibilities, the fog has been lifted and I'm once again making stuff. Not for you, not for galleries, simply because I want to. the only reason that matters.

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