Saturday, November 10, 2012

if you don't know me by now

 What's new you ask? It isn't so much what's new as what's come back. A few years ago I put away all of my sculpting supplies. The clay was tucked away, all of my carving tools are sitting idle and my sketch books collected dust. 2009 I was part of a big outdoor show in NYC and I enjoyed being part of it but when the show ended it was like someone flicked a switch. i lost any interest in doing another piece of art. The desire was gone, the creative urge non existent, i always had a sketch book with me so i could scribble down thoughts that would pop into my head and they used to, a lot then it stopped. That section of my brain had gone blank, instead of the the constant swirl of oddball objects it was a dark vacumn of absolute nothingness.

 Lately though little sparks have been flickering about. I started doodling which was another constant that stopped then the constant swirl of these bulbous forms started coming back and I actually thought about making something again. Dealing with the Super Storm Sandy and seeing its aftermath has gotten me thinking and I started to realize that I have the desire to make something again and not another piece of furniture for the house but an actual piece of sculpture that came from my head and is shown life by my own hands. It will probably be made of clay but it could be carved from wood i' not sure yet.

 The first thing I am going to do is make a ceramic kick wheel. It's very simple to do and i have about 90% of what i need already.

 Once this begins I am hopeful that the creative floodgates burst wide open.

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