Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The final review of the S.I. Trail Festival.

 When you finish a race at Willowbrook Park you know you are close because you can see the carousel through the trees. It can be a beautiful sight if you are exhausted or an inspiring one if you are flying. I was definitely the latter on Saturday. I finished this race feeling strong.  I wish I could say it's from a perfectly executed training plan but more than likely it was because I was way to cautious for the first third of this race.

 So I crossed the finish line and I never felt stronger after finishing a race again not a good thing in my book. I finished, hung out, started to feel kinda gross as 15 miles of sweat and muck began to stick to my skin creating a barnacle like feeling. Luckily I had a change of clothes in the car.

 As we waited around for the 50k crew to start making there way back I was introduced to Lime A Ritas! A fantastic concoction that doesn't taste like a margarita or a lime beer but as a product itself it's pretty good. Funny that when I first tried it I wasn't digging it but I quickly learned to enjoy it. I learned a lot of other fun stuff as well. The funniest to me was the mystery of the man of the Greenbelt.

 As we waited around for "Stupid" Pete and "Dumb" Andy to finish, terms of endearment I assure you we saw this strange little creature straight out of the Hobbitt come out of the woods.  A tiny man, bald, with white side burns and moustache. He was wearing a shiny planet with the planets emblazened all over it. He reminded me of the old magician Doug Henning. So this magic man appears out of nowhere and we notice that he has a 50k  bib on. He starts heading down the course again but then detours into a very nice caravan. I don't know if he ever came back out or if he used some Hobbitt magic and transported himself on top of High Rock.

 We labeled him "Jim Greenbelt" the steward of the Greenbelt.

  A group of ladies finished who ran the 25k as they did so one of our club members started staring daggers, apparently they knocked this member over ass over tea kettle at the start of the race but didn't finish until almost an hour later.

 One of the ladies from the group started standing around with her hands in the air. We of course ask whats the haps and she says "Look at how swollen my hands are" I of course tell her "I have no idea
what your hands look like normally."  At the time this was hilarious to me, as I write this I still find it amusing.

 The nick names "Stupid Pete" and "Dumb Andy" were also created with the help of Lime A Ritas.

 Lastly the "S" in S.I.A.C. now stands for  Sexy Overload, The Sexy Overload Athletic Club.

 Goodnight Ladies and Germs!

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