Monday, December 10, 2012

Trail festival review part 2

 As we continue our review of Saturdays race our fearless hero is about to renter the dark and dangerous Greenbelt forest. The section of red/yellow trails next to the golf course is mainly a descent but it does roll up and down on its way down the hill. The fog was still thick at this point and now in the distance someone was using a chainsaw chopping up wood I hoped, as I passed a couple of runners I commented that I hoped no one pops out of the woods with a mask made of some front face.

 Luckily I made it through there safely and proceeded up the back end of the yellow red trail headed towards the Nature Center. I actually slipped here but no biggie. Some schlub said something about "All you hurt was your pride, hiyuk hiyuk" Another trail runner mentioned that a little slip like that was no big deal. If your not slipping out at some point during a trail run then you are hiking not running ass hat! Anyway, I am getting close to the long descent on the white trail the scene of the crime where I shoved Plymouth Rock into my heel the week before race day. As I began the long descent I am ultra alert because there are tons of loose rocks on this part of the course. Luckily I made it through safe and sound and pressed on.

 Down the white trail and up the long, winding hill behind High Rock where the path was changed from last year. The new section sent us right up an are that constantly has water runoff streaming down it. I immediately thought of Corey Ferritti and his sparkly shoes. How he must have been howling in protest over getting his shoes dirty.

 In High Rock we circled around the Green Trail which was immaculate! Crossing over the street to Moses Mountain which we skipped this year because i think it was to slippery or something or other, who cares why really. There's that little hill past Moses Mt. that I nick named Lil' bastard it's a short hill, not very steep but it always ends up at a point of the run where you are already a little tired so you feel this hill. Up the step hill and then down towards the Nature Center where the eventual winner of the 10k shot past me one way and then seconds later shot by the other way.

 At the last water stop I screwed around to long and lost a minute because i wanted to refill a water bottle, with only  two miles out I didn't need that water.

 The home stretch is a two mile descent and with the energy of the 10kers coming up behind me I picked it up and finished pretty strong. in hindsight though there were a lot of sections where i should have pushed harder. This is my issue, I am afraid to push to hard during racese because i don't want to bonk out and not finish. This is the main thing i have to deal with in 2013.

 Part 3, the after party in my next report!

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