Thursday, December 6, 2012

Dodging a bullit...I hope

Today I had time to stop by the Nature Center and do a  quick loop to test my left foot and make sure I will be okay for Saturdays 25k event.

 The verdict is very promising, I walked to the trail entrance and simply started running. The first thing I noticed was that i felt nothing at all it was if my foot had no injury at all. "Hallelujah, I'm good." I thought but just to be safe I kept creeping along as to not activate the heel boo boo.

 Whenever I thought I felt a twinge coming on I would focus on form, making sure to land mid-foot so my heel stayed safely away from and obstruction.  What I then noticed was that the trail that wraps around the nature center was in amazing shape. It was super clean from everything including leaves. For me starting over basically with this trial run having this trail so clean was a great help as the chance of stepping on something that I didn't see was basically eliminated.

 I was going to just do a tiny loop but I felt good so I decided to stretch it a tad and i headed down the white trail. The same section that tried to do me in last saturday. I descended own extremely carefully and as I emerged from the section that bruised my heel along with my pride I knew that all I had to do was do the same thing on sat. and even though I might lose a minute of time i will be stronger and pain free for the flatter, faster sections that are coming up later.

 I did notice some fatigue in both calves but i believe that is more from not running since sat. morning.

 So, things look good. I feel ready for Saturday I'm looking fwd. to it and that's all I care about really.

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