Thursday, October 18, 2012

Todays run was not what I was looking for.

 Today was supposed to be a nice run starting behind the Petrides complex, up the hill, over to High Rock and back. I started out okay but pretty soon my trousers started falling down. I had a small water bottle and my phone in each pocket and the miniscule weight of these objects kept yanking my my pants down. I was getting so annoyed that that I almost turned around. I instead held the bottle and phone in each hand and continued on. I make my way up the steepest part of the hill slowing down where the trails are thick with stone and roots no big deal it's where the trail was clear and relatively flat that I had my issues.

 I kept gassing out. Every time i felt like things were feeling like normal I began to get a stitch or my right Achilles started letting me know it was not having any fun. I proceeded to run until I my form started to suffer then i would slow down a bit. This became a self fulfilling prophecy I would see a difficult section ip ahead and instead of charging up it I would feel the ache in my right foot or my arms would curl up again. For a long stretch just outside of the High Rock parking lot I said screw it and started walking. I walked around the ponds, looking at the emerging fall colors just taking advantage of the solitude.
 Just before the last 1/4 mile out from High Rock I turned around. The Achilles was really screaming at me so I decided lets get back to the car, get the kids and move on. I slowly started back taking the yellow/blue trail back I followed yellow in because it's more direct but I took blue back because of the one down hill section that I knew led to a long winding up. Feeling better at this point as I made my way back up I felt redeemed. Looping back I only slowed down at the rootiest of sections or where the Achilles was on red alert.

 Back at the car I shook my head at how difficult that was. Not all runs can be winners but even the worst runs can have benefits.

Let's see how tomorrow's run shakes out.

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