Saturday, October 13, 2012

There's a Yak in my car, oh wait that's me.

 Good afternoon blog, or diary if you will. I saw the cutest boy today i think i want to marry him, after i become a successful marine biologist and cure whale cancer. I assume this is how every preteen girl writes in their blog/diary.

 Any fudge, I am recuperating from a glorious 16.5ish mile trail run that happened this morning. Thats right while you were sleeping off a bender of wine coolers and Zima we were out there early doing the thing baby! We started out under the cover of darkness like a band of 4 outlaws fleeing some one horse town in the old west. We stormed through the trails of the Greenbelt eventually meeting more of our gang at the secret spot we rest, have a shot of whisky and a piece of hardtac and set out. A mighty gang of 10 cruising through the trails like some distorted centipede. I kept hoping that whatever creature used to shoot at the centipede in the old arcade game wasn't around to start picking us off. Thankfully we were from that 8bit assassin today.

 We do a terrific loop incorporating a lot of the hillier sections and wind up back where we started to drop off our reinforcements. After saying our goodbye's ( I shed a tear) the original 4 horseman of siXac pressed on heading back where we started. Today's run is the start for us to prepare for the S.I. Trail Festival happening Dec. 8th. Most of us are running in the 25K race. Some, I call them show offs are running the 50K. All of us are who ran today got a beautiful day. Perfect weather will near perfect trails. They're trails they shouldn't be perfect then they would be a groomed path which isn't the same.

 As we waited to cross the last stretch of road I stood there watching car after car head to the mall to stock up on Halloween lights, or Thanksgiving Day Horns of Plenty? Who knows, all i know is that a lot of cars were headed that way. Maybe Costco had a sale on a 20lb. bag of Reese's p.b. cups? If so I'm outta here. I love reese's p.b. cups.

 Final stretch, My legs are feeling heavy and stiff. This is a sign of fatigue which in a long run like this means that I accomplished mt goal of running hard and far so that i push my lactic threshold level. That heavy feeling is from Lactic Acid which isn't the cause of your legs feeling like concrete it's more of a by product of you running so far that your leg muscles are kaput. Think of Lactic Acid like this, You know when you see two guys are fighting and there is a group of onlookers watching. After the fight the guy who lost and i still sitting on the ground is your legs. the guy who won is the road or trails in my case. Lactic Acid is the group of idiots who are hanging around consoling the loser. See they weren't actually fighting but they are still part of the event and just like a crowd slowly starts to get bored and leave so does the Lactic Acid. An hour or so after you run its gone.

 This is rambly ramble of a blog, The old chimney where local satanist sacrifice chickens while playing Judas Priest on an old 8track is the marker for 1 mile to go. I was glad to see this chimney, my legs were cooked at this point. Pete and I left the girls because one of them tweeked there ankle so they decided to cruise on in. A wise strategy when you have a bum hoof. We on the other hand were feeling tired but still good. I really liked how I was able to push through the exhausted feeling and for the last half mile we picked it up so that by the end we were doing a nice sprint to the finish. Usain Bolt watch your back jack!

 Run's over, I say g'bye and warble my way to the car. I am stiffening up and not in the i just saw a picture of Susan St. James wearing a spandex pair of slacks from 1979 kind of way. Sitting in my truck I see the left over p.b. and jelly I was eating on my way to the park. I scoffed that down fast, it was delicious. As I begin to drive back home I realize that smell, a lot. It's pretty gross actually. I need to either shower more than once a week or sweat less when I run. Either way I was grody (there's a word from the way back machine.) I said to myself that I smell like a Yak and I couldn't disagree with what I said. My face was caked with salt so much so that if one of the deer that crossed my path today would have stopped they could have used me for a salt lick. My legs started to feel like someone shoved metal rods in them. When I got out of the car I had to walk to the house in this weird side shuffle kinda thing but i knew that i was minutes from a hot shower and a delicious breakfast.

 HAHAHAHAHAHA yeah, no. We didn't have enough eggs so i had to slide my shoes back on and schlep up to the deli to grab a dozen.

 With the eggs delivered I got that shower i so deserved shoved delicious eggs, potatoes etc. into my face and now i am here with you regaling you with this morning's adventure. Next up, how long can i sit on this couch ohhhhhhhh it's going to be exciting.

 Thanks for reading sports fans until next time. next topic will be how after careful consideration i am getting a divorce (Cue excited music).

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  1. Well? Are you still on the couch? Nice job with the run, sound slike it was a lot of fun!