Saturday, October 20, 2012

New wizards arrive

 In the morning the girls are awoken to a weird buzzing. The silken furs are busily running around the room gathering bits and pieces so they can create a nest for themselves. Silken Furs are very social but they also like a place of their own to eat and rest so any toys left around are being scooped up as used as part of the new nest. Yaya sees one of her favorite toys in the nest and begins to protest. She starts squawking and stomping around. Yaya runs over to Theressa and starts tugging at her and pointing at the nest "Yaya stop it!" Theressa does not like to be awoken early and even this famously happy child will be crabby in the morning. Yaya doesn't stop she keeps tugging and pointing until Theressa looks up and realizes that all of her favorite toys and jewelry have been used as well. "Yaya, we will have to get them a proper place to sleep so we can get our stuff back." Yaya nodded her head in agreement and both girls began their day.

 After breakfast the uncles take to the markets to find something that will make a perfect nest for the two silken furs. The citizens of Esser love to see the princesses and it's especially exciting when the uncles make an appearance. Everyone moves aside and greets the girls as the search for the perfect nest. As they move along a merchant shows them a beautiful box that would be perfect for the silken furs. Its big, and bright, with lots of jewels all over it. the girls love it, the uncles buy it and everyone is happy. Everyone except A man in a cloak watching from across the street.

 The wizard Quitz, he was called to the castle early on to work with Yaya but he is very quick tempered and started yelling at Yaya. It didn't take long for the king to pick him up and throw him out a window. Quitz vowed revenge from his humiliation. As he passes by the girls he tries to throw a powder on Yaya but Fop tripped over a rock bumping into Quitz and the wizard ended up throwing the powder into his own face. Quitz's face immediately turned a bright  blue. Quitz had some blue razzle powder. A blue razzle is a large beast with thick skin that grows about four spiky horns on its snout. Once the horn gets to be about two feet long it falls off and another one begins to grow.These horns have been used by wizards for centuries.

 The girls continued on without even knowing that the wizard was running the other way so he can get the anecdote for his blue skin.

 "One silken Fur can be a handful/" said the king "but two, this is going to lead to trouble, and when it does I will hold the uncles responsible."  "I will see that the girls are being responsible." said the Queen. "Its good for the girls to learn some responsibility." "Now, I want to talk about the Toad Queen. I know that she is going to try something else." She has really lost her mind living all by herself in that swamp." "I fear her ability to talk some of the more hostile tribe of Skeel into becoming aggressive. She is your family so I want you to talk to the other members of your family about getting her out of the swamp and back into proper society." The actions of the Toad Queen really riled up the king. He knew that she was using Yaya as an excuse to go after the Queen. To kidnap the queen would resul in an attempt to gain more riches or possibly more land. This is a babaric tactic that was used when Esser had many tribal leaders instead of one king. There are some including the Toad Queen that would benefit if Esser went back to that system.

 As Quitz stumbles away a flock of red ravens flies from the castle into the swamps. The Toad Queen sent the Red Ravens to the castle to spy on the princesses. A flock of red ravens has the ability of remembering everything they see and given some magical feed will lay eggs that when cracked open and looked at by a powerful enough wizard then can read what the Red Ravens witnessed the day before.
All 8 Red Ravens returned and they were fed the necessary feed. Tomorrow they will tell the Toad Queen all she needs to know.

 In a pile of broken shells the Toad Queen sees that  Quitz has failed to humiliate the princess. "Idiot wizard. I want those princesses out of my way, I want the Queen out of my way. I want the King out of my way! I want to rule all of Esser not just the swamps. Not just the shadows where the the bugs and the lizards hide. i want it all."

 Before the royal family visited The Toad Queen she devised a plan to humiliate them so that they would have to vacate the throne. As the ruler of Esser it is very important that the royal family keeps an appearance of strength and dignity. If they do not they could be forced out by a vote of Hippeldeedoo. All the Knights and the families of the knights can vote for Hippeldeedoo if it can be shown that the royal family has not kept up to standards. The Toad Queens plan is to continually embarrass the Royal Family so that she can bring up a vote of Hippeldeedoo.

 Her plan to embarrass the family at her house failed, her plan to have Quitz embarrass the princesses failed but the Toad Queen has many more plans to embarrass the royal family.

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