Saturday, October 20, 2012

8 miles or 9.84 moles and we keep on rolling

 This morning I had the honor of leading the siac group through 8 miles of trails in and around our illustrious Greenbelt trail system. Everything we covered was part of last years 25K event so most group runs from now until this years 10/25/50K trail festival will be on the trail route.

 If you noticed in the title I said 9.84 moles. A mole is unit of measurement created by world famous trail runner Johann Schlitzerberger. He was a Finnish man who lived in the 17th century and is a pioneer of trail running. He came up with the term mole instead of mile because his eyesight and handwriting were so bad from a bad fever as a child that nearly wiped him out. He got the distance of 1 mile equaling 1.23 mole by sheer bad math.... Johann was a moron apparently.

 No deer today, a few hikers and a mountain biker who did a nice skid stop. We covered Moses mountain named this because this is where Moses was given the 15 commandments but as Mel Brooks' historical documentary "History of the Word part 1" showed us he dropped one of the tablets so we only have ten. We traveled up the red trail over to the multi use trail where we opened it up for a nice chunk then up and along the slopped path above St. Andrews church. This section is very technical, you have to take your time here. We stopped at La Tourette for a potty stop then cruised along red trail until we reached the Nature Center for our final water spot and then we shot back to the High Rock parking lot. A good run with mixed terrain. As run commander i decided to pick up the pace where the terrain was relatively rock and root free. It's time to step it up the 25K is only 6 weeks away.

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  1. I thought maybe you saw some partially chewed up mole along the way. I think I might need to watch History of the World Part 1, again, now...Sounds like it was a great run!!