Friday, October 12, 2012

Fartlek, the word never gets old

Today's run is perfectly described as a fartlek run. What is a fartlek run you ask, fartlek simply means that while you are running you randomly vary your speed and intensity and that is what I did today.

 I started off at the Willowbrook Carousel and headed up towards Hyerdal Hill.As I began my run I realized pretty quickly that the foliage that were choking out the trails over the summer are receding nicely and the areas that have a history of being muddy are bone dry. The best news is that the nasty biting flies are gone. These buggers were so bad that we were avoiding a good half mile of trails over the summer.

 Anytoots I felt great today, I knew todays run would be a smidge over 5 miles and toorrows run will be about 15 miles so I really didn't want to blow out my stems today BUT along this section of the white trail there are really nice stretches of clean, flat path so I just started opening it up for 50 yards, 100 yards whatever felt good or until I hit a bunch of roots then I would gear it back and cruise on.

 Another reason why I was playing it cool like the Fonz today is my right Achilles. After I ran the VIA half a month ago I was feeling some pain on the outside of my right Achilles. A simple overuse issue so I have been cautious with my runs for the past two weeks. During a run if I feel the pain returning I slow down until I am pain fee then I press on. Today that worked perfectly, I picked a clear spot and picked up the pace and by the time the trail got technical again my Achilles was letting me know that is was ready for a break.

 Tomorrow's run will be interesting, it will be the first of a series of long runs to prepare for the Dec. 8th Trail Festival. i will be running the 25K distance looking to come in under 2:30, I really want to come in closer to 2:20 but I will leave a little wiggle room because who knows how the trails will be that day. Muddy, snowy, frozen over we shall see.

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