Sunday, October 14, 2012

It's not me it's you.

 I became a little to dependent on you baby. Every time we were together I would keep checking on you, looking over to see if you were okay. I suddenly realized that I was spending to much time focusing on you and not on my own enjoyment. So...... after a few months apart I decided to make it permanent, were separating.

Darlin' or should I say Garmin were through. I stopped wearing you in August and yeah at first I was freaked out going out there all by myself but as time progressed I started to realize that every time I strapped you on I would get anxious that I wasn't keeping up, I wasn't going far enough. Instead of enjoying my runs I started stressing out, well i'm done. I have been on countless runs, a half marathon
a bunch of beach runs where the watch is forbidden any way so away you go into a drawer, sure I will grab you when I get to do some speed work again, that makes sense besides that get lost.

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