Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goofy's race and a half challenge's training run

Hello friends,

 Its been a few weeks since I last blooooged. Any who today being the last day of good ol' 2011 i figured I would do a yearly recap of sorts.

 January started out with my first marathon at WDW. I will just say that I learned a lot at that race. I know first hand what hitting the wall means. I had a brick pattern on my forehead for a few days after that experience.

 You would think that coming home from running my first marathon would be the hardest thing I did in January and you would be completely wrong. January 18th was a dark day full of jockstraps and an ungodly amount of swelling. This then led to an unbearably long recovery period that only ended when I had the swollen area drained by the doc inserting 3 needles in to drain the offending fluid. Whatever you are visualizing is no where near as bad as it was.

 As spring approached things got better running events occurred, clients got motivated, the kids grew and matured. Awesome time of the year.

 Summer time and the livings easy. Once again we overreached, Working on the house and trying to renovate the camper all while watching Lucia and Thira. The summer flew by and we swore to never overbook our summers again. Once June arrived I began my Goofy training, I started doing back to backs on the weekend. Whatever i did on sat. I doubled on sunday plus additional miles during the week.

 Autumn and the highlight was Thira entering kindergarten. It was a battle starting in March to get her into the school she's in now. Up until a week before school started we still didn't know where she was going. Super stressful! Goofy training really kicked up here with November being the biggest month. Lots of back to backs equalling 30 miles or more plus the additional weekly miles.

 The other milestone, I turned 40 in September. I really don't care about that except i'm now in the masters class when I enter a local race. That seems odd......

 As you know once you hit Thanksgiving the rest of the year is on overdrive. December 10th was the trail running festival at the Greenbelt, it was my first 25k and besides a minor mishap at the beginning it was my favorite race of the year. I ran into someone I hadn't seen over 15 years, amazing.

  Christmas got here faster than I ever remembered. I saw someone else who is very dear to me that I hadn't seen in 11 yrs. all due to me having to go a store to get poor Lucia some baby advil.

 That leads us to now. December 31st the last day of the year. Being a saturday I did what I have been doing most saturdays meeting up with fellow runners especially from S.I.A.C. my new running home and hitting the trails. There is no better way to start the day for me than a trail run. I don't care if its a 5k or 50k I love being on the trails.

 With that 2011 is just about wrapped up. I want to wish everyone a happy, healthy, and amazing 2012. Especially my wife Danielle, Thira, and baby Lucia along with all of my friends the ones and family.

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