Friday, December 2, 2011

Again, either you are going to change or you won't

 A bit of a rant. How many times do you want to hear from people that now is the time that I want to change my life. Im ready lets go.You say that to me and I am ready to give you 100% of my focus. I will create a program for you that will help guide you to your goals.

 Don't do this, do not call me the night before a session with a need to reschedule. Then never reschedule. I will begin calling you back because I have invested my time and my time is money. Eventually you will do 2 things you will decide that you had enough and stop making excuses or you will disappear and stay where you are even though you hate how you look and how you feel you are used to it, its comfortable.

 I can and will help you but first you have to be ready.

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  1. It may be simple, but the Nike motto "Just Do It!" is the mindset we should all have when we are searching for excuses.