Monday, November 28, 2011

What do you want

 Really, be honest what is it that you want?

  Are you really looking to be healthy? Do yo really want to put in the hard work to succeed or is it lip service. I hear it a lot. I need to lose weight, I want to look like blah, I want to whatever.....the reality is that what you want is to talk about it or you buy a gym membership to make yourself feel better.

 Did you let yourself "cheat" over this past holiday or did you stick to your long term goal. There is no right or wrong in that statement its just a question of where you are and what you want.

 Its easy standing still and wanting something, the way we grow is to actually move fwd. get out of our comfort zone. Then and only then do you grow.

1 comment:

  1. I talk to myself about this a lot (well, in my head or in writing- out loud would just get odd looks...). I did another one recently trying to get myself on track with being injured and unable to run as much as I'd like. I was slacking in all areas, including eating too much, especially late. Good foods, but you can have too much of everything. I got back on track yesterday. Doing form work and some core work each day. Picking up a book instead of snack at night.