Sunday, November 6, 2011

Goofy's race and a half challenge ....NYC Marathon

Hello, so as my thoughts are set on jan. 7th and 8th it is impossible to not be overwhelmed by the NYC marathon that is happening right now.

 Over 40,000 runners are out there fulfilling a dream, running on the largest stage in the world.

  Earlier today I ran down to the S.I. Yankees stadium and  walked through a sea of people getting on an endless supply of busses. People of all shapes and sizes, looking relaxed, nervous some eating, smiling, joking, and getting a last good luck kiss goodbye.

An amazing display of dedication and perseverance for everyone who trained all those months to do this run. Truly inspirational.

 For my own training this was a terrific weekend of running.  I joined a terrific group on the trails saturday morning for at least 16 miles probably 17 of beautiful running. I coupled that with 8.5 miles this morning that in all honestly were hard. Especially the first 4 but i was glad I stuck it out because i started to loosen  up and felt not great but fine. No pain or discomfort just understandably tired from yesterdays run but a terrific test that yes I will definitely finish the Goofy and finish strong. 

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