Sunday, November 20, 2011

Goofy's race and a half challenge's training run

 I will be honest here this Goofy thing is ridiculous. The back to back long runs are grueling. This is way more mental than physical. Maybe not its more like 55% mental, 44% physical, 1% stupidity.

 This weekend was a 12 and 16 combo. I went a little to hard on sat. and i def. paid for it on sunday. Lesson learned, pacing is going to be a huge factor for me. The half on saturday will be fun I have to make sure i don't have to much fun. The race is only 1/3 over at that point so even though its a flat fast course I will restrain myself from trying to PR on the half. There is no interest in trying to get a PR on sunday that will be deliberately slow and steady. i will be getting a lot of pictures with the characters along the way. As ridiculous as it seems if I calm down and enjoy running the 39.3 i will fly through it.

 Physically I will be ready its the mind that needs some extra effort right now.

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