Sunday, December 11, 2011

Some thoughts on yesterdays 25k trail race.

  First of all, yesterday was a stunningly beautiful day. Weather was perfect and the trails besides the obvious muddy patches were outstanding.

  So yes I did twist the right ankle a bit but as I was resting last night I noticed something else. I feel terrific.
My energy was and still is this morning through the roof. Body feels great, besides obvious ankle.

  Heres some things I am attributing to me feeling so good.
1, The group runs led by Pete Priolo of S.I.A.C. of which I am proud to be a member of.
2, My good old Brooks Cascadia. I think though that  will be switching to the Brooks Pure Grit next spring.
3. Body Glide, This stuff works. I am chafe free since using it.

4. Compression socks, I have found that when running over 10 miles while wearing compression socks  I dont fatigue like I used to. Of course this could be because I am simply running further more consistently but I dont care I like wearing them. I am certain that wearing them after I long run has helped in recovery.

Foam rolling, god I love foam rolling. I roll for just a few minutes every other day along with some assisted stretches. It feels fantastic to roll it out. Of course I have documented how to make the ultimate foam roller. heres a pic.

 Anyway what a terrific day yesterday was. Thanks again to the Greenbelt Conservancy and NYARA especially Matt Lebow for his vision.

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