Monday, December 19, 2011

Goofy race and a half....When it all comes together

 I took my client and friend larry out on the trails yesterday for his first run into double digits. The day was sunny but cold. Nice trail running weather in my opinion.

 We looped around most of the 25k course I had run previously but with the days getting colder the muddy
spots shrunk up and the leaves that had covered most of the trail in the fall have started to disappear. This creates a faster path to run on and we noticed right away that this run was exceptionally enjoyable from the start.

 I noticed something else as were started popping up and down the many hills along the greenbelt. My form felt different, it felt natural. Everything kept clipping together correctly.

 Every time I hit an incline my body leaned in from my ankles and I started popping up the hill landing on my forefoot and shooting fwd. it felt like i wasn't doing hardly anything at all yet I kept moving fwd.

 At the end of the run which was 11 miles by the way I was tired and my legs were a little fatigued but If  I had to turn around and do the route again I would've with out thinking twice.


  1. I agree. It was a beautiful day yesterday. Everytime I run out on the greenbelt, I love it more and more. It seem like as the seasons progress, the trails change slightly too and you get a different experience each time. Like you said, most of the muddy areas froze up from just last week and we noticed some telephone poles that we never saw before that we're probably covered by thick brush in the warmer months.

  2. Keep it up. The easy stride that you are talking about is euphoric. You just flow through the woods like a puff of smoke.