Sunday, August 5, 2012

looking at all of the scams in the health/fitness industry

 I'm not sure how i got there but i ended up on a bunch of websites either promoting or slamming a fitness based MLM product where they were selling some shitty shake for 120.00 a month.

 I noticed that everyone who posted a video or responded to the video had some generic website name like

 I was sickened by the whole thing, the MLM program disgusts me. The focus is on continually sucking in new fools to sell some shitty product that is completely unnecessary to friends and family. No where in an of these video commentaries did anyone show proof that these shakes did anything except pull more money out of peoples pockets.

 Gross, the supplement industry overall is built on lies, false promises and manipulation.

 Everything you need is already there provided by nature unless you have a medical concern but some sugary shit shake isn't going to help you with that either.

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