Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sensa....tionally disgusting. Sprinkle Diets!

Holy Shi,t I saw the stupidest thing ever today. It was on the tee vee even imagine that.

Sensa, the sprinkle diet. You sprinkle this magic on your food and that"s it! You will definitely lose long as you follow a good diet exercise routine etc. etc. but make no mistake about it You are losing weight because of the magic you sprinkle on your dinner.

So what is Sensa? I think its fairy farts collected by woodland sprites and then bottled for your use.

This blog does a terrific job breaking it down so i don't hav to do the dirty work.

needless to say its bullshit.

Lets go to their website shall we and see who is endorsing this fabulous product.

Oh look, that horrendous Patti whats her name. The way she smirks i bet her mouth smells like a dumpster.

Some generic blond, grab that paycheck darling and keep telling yourself that this product don't

Roger Shultz you piece of garbage. I saw you on the Biggest Loser, you seemed like a decent guy but according to your own testimony on the magic of Sensa you immediately put 120lbs. back on. Nice dedication there Rog.

Now your to busy to shove a salad down your gullet. Time is short so I gotta eat the unhealthiest crap i can besides i can then drop some of it again and endorse one of the stupidest things ever created. Why don't you have Sensa in one hand, a Flex Belt around your newly expanded waist, a Shake weight in your other hand, Shape Ups on your feet and for the heck of it take a handful of those balance bracelets and shove em where the sun don't shine for optimal balancing power.

Unless that Sensa shit is Crystal Meth is isnt't going to do a thing except suck more money out of your wallet.

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