Monday, July 9, 2012

Here we go again

 A nice long weekend camping near Cape May N.J. has led me to some revelations.

 Our Airstream has some issues, the outside lights are temperamental. I couldn't get them to work the entire way down to the campsite and I believe that the trailers brakes were also not working. This is a dangerous situation and one that I decided to resolve while we were down there. I found an RV service center that had a good reputation and when we were done I hitched it over there dumped it on a field gave them my key and a list of lingering annoyances and away we went.

 Now, I am not sure if the problem is on the Airstream's side or the trucks side so I have get the truck checked as well. The truck also has a couple of odd issues to be looked at so now is the time to get it all sorted out.

 What does this have to do with anything? Its the ability to take something to completion. Instead of continuing to half ass the camping trip Danielle and I want the camper to be 100% functional so that when we are on the beach with the girls we know that everything will work when we need it to. A simple concept but in reality much harder in reality.

 Life itself is like this, we set goals but anything can get in the way so you pare back your goals until you end up right back to where you started. Obviously some things take precedent, the girls for me are my tippiest top priority. I will throw anything aside for them as most parents would.

 BUT, we use the difficulties of the day as an excuse to not pursue our dreams and that's a shame because a week later your still where you were and that "crisis" has passed. Now multiply this by a month, or a year and eventually you look back and you have a pile of half done dreams and regrets.

 One other issue that I have been thinking about recently is our lack of down time. How much time during the day do you spend staring at some sort of screen? Phone, computer, t.v., everywhere you go you have to stare into a some electronic screen.

 The question of the day for you is do you ever truly unplug yourself and relax. Try a solid half hour without looking at any electronic device. It's a lot harder than you think.

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