Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Flex belt.....what a piece of shit

I want to expand this blog to include my musings, and whining as a person. My replies to the oh so hilarious scam emails, and my critique of products that are for a lack of a better term a giant pile of horse shit.

First up, The Flex Belt
Look how Tone Denise Richards is and its all do to the Flex Belt. Have you heard her dull, monotone read for this piece of shit. She really knows how to sell baby!

Yeah the Flex Belt. One of many  electrical ab stimulating belts designed to give you a six pack without doing a darn thing.

 "Hey you get a six pack while sitting on the toilet with the Flex Belt."

 "Show off those sexy abs. while eating every meal  at all you can eat buffetts with the Flex Belt."

 Why doesn't it work you ask? Simple, six pack abs are something everyone has. Men, women, everybody unless you don't have an abdominal wall.

 You're abs show up when your body fat is under 10% for men and approx. 15% and under for ladies. No matter of electronic stimulation will burn enough fat in that specific area to show off the muscles underneath.

 The Flex Belt does not have the capability to strengthen an ab muscle by sending some sort of pulse through it.

 It's such silly nonsense that I am amazed that anyone would fall for it. In actuality I'm not amazed, we want a quck fix and the promise that some silly belt will give you six pack abs is very appealing to those who do not want to actually want to put the work in to actually achieve it.

 There are billions of dollars being wasted on gimmicks that will never ever work.

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