Sunday, December 14, 2014

SIAC 2014 Christmas Party review

About 6 months ago I called up my good friend, and personal tailor Mr. Tommy Fontana from Beverly Hills California and told him that the big night, the one where all the stars were going to be at was December 13, at the Staaten for the Staten Island Athletic Club's Christmas Party.

I flew there, first class of course and got fitted for a one of a kind, custom made piece of excellence.
Everything about it is top of the line from my virgin, baby Ostrich shoes to my silk shirt made from the finest worms kept hidden in a cave deep in the Orient guarded by the finest Shaolin Monks.

MY scarf, because in 2014 if your still wearing a tie, Corey Ferretti and everyone else who made that mistake I don't know what to tell you, was created by the finest textile artisans money can buy.

Body sculpting, hair, a Gentleman's shave all done by Ms. Theresa on the Upper East Side of Manhattan I had her bump the Sultan of Brunei  so I could look as good as I did last night.

Nothing, and I mean nothing that wear comes from a rack. The only racks I touch are from today's leading ladies nothing else will do.

15,000.00 worth of jewelry, a suit that costs more than more that the car that you drove in on, Hollywood starlets dripping off of my arm that is how you enjoy yourself at the 2014 SIAC Christmas Party.

The Staaten once again did a top notch job, food, wine, service was head and shoulders above everyone else.

To everyone who won an award, congratulations, It was well deserved, you've earned a place with the immortals.

To all of you ham and eggers who didn't, better luck next year.

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