Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Hey Hoka's it's not me it's you.

I was planning on doing a long blog about how, in my opinion switching to Hoka One One shoes really screwed me up this year but I think i'll just sum it up Quickly.

Hey Hokas go fuck yourself.

These stupid shoes led me down a road of numerous leg issues throughout the year and after eliminating all other possibilities I realize it is there giant, puffy, heavy, boxy, clumsy, stupid design that
basically had me throw away most of 2014.

The idea was to run a lot of 50Ks in 2014. I did my first one last December, enjoyed it and planned on doing more so i thought why not get the shoe that is designed for endurance runs.


In May I abandoned my 2nd 50K attempt halfway through due to a nagging knee pain, guess what shoe I was wearing, yep Hokas.

Btw. last year I ran all of my runs in Saucony Kinarva trail. A pretty basic shoe and I felt great all year.

I eased into the Hokas mileage wise and at first they did feel great but they stink, they are dumb. I hate them.

Anyway, i'm back to a basic shoe nothing fancy yet I'm still feeling the residual effects of the dumb Hokas things are out of whack, muscles that should be strong are catching up causing an imbalance. This will work itself out but I know I can't do the 50K this year but as of right now even the 25K is in question. I wonder how that 10K will feel?????

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