Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Starvin? Go to Marvins

 I'm ten yrs. old or will be in a few months, either way the entire family is packed into the station wagon headed to WDW. I know that we are deep in Georgia and we pull over to get gas. My dad accidentally pumped diesel into a standard engine and that led a quite a long day at Starvin Marvins.

 I have no idea how much gas got in there but it caused a huge problem. We were stuck at the pump until the triple A guy showed up and in rural Georgia he was moving at quite a stereotypically slow pace.

 We were there for hours but i didn't care and do you know why? good old Marvin had a bunch of wrasslin magazines! My previous post I mentioned how much I loved old wrasslin well being in Georgia I found myself at the heart of southern territory wrestling. There was an endless amount of magazines to look at but one in particular has stuck with me till this day. A wrestler, I have no idea who was leaning on the ropes staring right in the camera, his faced bloodied and over one of his eyes was a blood soaked patch. The headline stated how this wrestler was looking for revenge about losing his eye!!!

 I read every square inch of those magazines. This is where I probably first learned about Harley Race, Dusty Rhodes, the Freebirds, Von Erichs, etc..

 Outside a few of the locals who in my mind now all wore ripped overalls and no shoes decided to help. One of them, probably a future astrophysicist stuck a hose in the gas tank and proceeded to siphon the gas out. It didn't work and now this hillbilly was dancing around the car in agony spitting out gas.

 At some point the diesel was removed and we were on our way. The other highlight of that trip was taking the monorail past a still being built Epcot center. The giant ball "Space ship Earth" was still being completed. It would be like taking a shuttle craft past an incomplete Death Star. 

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