Thursday, February 9, 2012

new shoes!!!! to sick to run.......................

 Today the fabulous FedEx man dropped of a pair of Brooks Pure Grit. Alas my swollen head is preventing me from getting outside and trying them. You see someone was gracious enough
to give us all a cold for valentines day.

I had such high hopes for these.
Headed to the Himalayas
 The only reason I got these shoes is because I wanted to. Hah, actually i want to try a pair of trail runners that are less  restrictive than my beloved Cascadias. I tried the new  balance mt 101s last year and they literally fell apart while I was running the Tough Mudder see above shoe. I am convinced that the Brooks will hold up a lot better. The Pure Connects have held up brilliantly on the road including the recent Goofy.

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  1. I loved my MT101's but they both ripped on the sides during a muddy half! Not as bad as yours did, though. I honestly forget what I wore for my 2nd TM...I wore and Asics road shoe for the first (it was the very first TM, 7 miles and easy compared to the 2nd one I did). This year? La Sportiva Crosslites!

    Sorry you can't try out the new Brooks. I'm sure they'll be worth it!!