Monday, January 30, 2012

Pirates arghhh

 Who hear likes pirates? I sure do, the great thing about the history of pirates is that a lot of it is real. Pirates did rule the seas around the Carolina's down to the Caribbean over to Africa and even traveled to India. They were a very varied group of men and women. One of the interesting things i learned is that the Pirate ship was pretty democratic, every crew member had a say unlike the ships of the various empires those ships were pretty draconian in leadership structure.

  So what comes with pirates?Pirate treasure of course and treasure maps, X marks the spot and all of that great lore. Of course buried treasure is basically movie magic but who cares its all about the sense of adventure, swashbuckling,  big wooden ships with sails catching the wind as our heroic pirates rob and murder some merchant vessel and take whatever they were hauling. I'm sure the silk merchants from India did something terrible to deserve having their ship burned and the crew killed of forced to join the Pirates crew.

 What's this all about well it has a lot to do with my idea i talked about on Facebook recently.

Stay tuned because things could get interesting.

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