Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Part 3 of my Disney adventure

 As I stated in my last post we were herded out of the Magic Kingdom and back onto the long and lonely highway system of WDW. This is where I began to notice that the route was really narrow some one mentioned that it felt like we were running a half marathon single file. My other main observation about the half is that unless you were in the first two corals and were looking to PR you were going to have a hard time. this race was crowded.

 Alright, i'm cruising along and a little before mile 10 another Run For Our Sons member catches me and we begin to chat for a while. Talking the miles away is a terrific thing when you get to do it. At the 11 mile marker she was puling over to stretch out a bit since she is recovering from 18 months of surgeries and rehab. Also Bob Wisner from S.I.A.C. passed me as we approached mile 11. It was great seeing him as his own journey is pretty incredible. The elevation for both races is as close to nil as you can get. The inclines that are there are basically on ramps for the highways. these are annoying as hell because they are curved and banked and with the masses of people surrounding you it was hard to find a comfortable lane.

 Hello Epcot, this half is basically over. We have a mile to go and you get to run in the park to do it, A quick loop around the Christmas tree past the big ball a final pick me up from the choir an then you run into the cheering masses of the crowd as you have less than a 1/4 of a mile to go. There it is theres the finish but hold on big man no big sprint, this is only the end of the first third of your ride so cruise on in, get that duck medal and head home. That's what I did and the next post will finally be about marathon sunday.

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