Thursday, May 30, 2013

Let the Sunshine, let the Sunshine in.

 What would you do ho hooo for a Klondike bar. Nothing really, they're not my favorite. What would I do for a run like last night? Luckily I don't have to do much except go run again.

 We were a small but dedicated group last night. to finish up the mileage we added some of the multi use trail along Forest Hill Rd. Its a great training patg because you can really fly down the descnet and then power your heiney back up the incline.

 I though, have a weird thing with this path. In 2011 i ran my first Cold Feet 10k.  This was a month after my first Marathon at WDW that didn't go so great but it was my first time. Funny how a first time marathon can last way longer than one wants and another very important first time can last WAY shorter than one would like( I heard anyway).

 There was another first that happened before that 10k. My first elective surgery in which i had to be knocked out. To be blunt the surgery (a vasectomy) had some healing issues. By the time the Cold Feet came around I had been through the wringer. I spent a couple of weeks on the couch trying to heal as the two mangos that showed up in my crotch made walking let alone running a bit problematic. So running up the Multi use trail always reminds me of trying to Macho-up (I think I just made that up.) thast hill during a slushy, cold, swollen 10k.

Something happened this run though. A transformative bit of running as  began powering up "Swollen Nut" hill as it will now be called. I decided to slow down my tempo yet as i did that i started going faster. "What was this sorcery?" I thought to myself. I deliberately slowed down, or did I? What I actually did was straighten up my posture, did the looping circular stride that has a Chi Running style to it and lastly I began serpentining a bit. I'm not sure why but  started weaving as I went up the hill and miraculously it seemed to help. Instead of going straight up I got a bit of a rhythm and i weaved my way up that hill and it felt effortless. i even slowed down to purposefully screw up my gate to see if I could get it back and I did.

 That hill climb at the end was the perfect ending to one of the nicest runs i've had in a while.

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