Friday, April 12, 2013

An amazing business opportunity for you. Just sit and watch this video.

"I have something i'd like to share with you. " "Okay, what is it." "It'll only take a few minutes of your time, whenever you are free." "Fine, what's it about"

So a few weeks ago I had a very similar conversation with someone I just met. So I said sure and watched this person set up a portable dvd machine and saw that they had a utility bill in their hand. One last time i asked what this was about. "It's just a three minute video." 'Is this MLM?" Hemming and hawing "Yes". "I'm not doing it." I got a smile but angry eyes. As if I knew that what this person was doing was bullshit. This particular MLM dealt with utilities much like Ambit or they millions or others.

 The pitch didn't end, they were having a monthly meeting that night and the speaker who is making 80,000 a month btw. (bullshit) is just a regular Joe. This is the exact same speech that i was given a few years ago, same worthless product same promise of quick riches.

Fuck you.

Fuck you for thinking I am gullible enough to be sucked into your chain. Fuck you for thinking that
it's good business practice to refuse to tell someone what you want them to be involved with until after they watch a video.

My patience for politely saying no thank you to anyone who wants to include me in their amazing opportunity has completely worn away.

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